Debate Rages Over Which Robert De Niro Character Would Wreak The Best Revenge

The internet is awash with speculation over which character from Robert De Niro’s’ illustrious film career would wreak the best revenge on someone. It’s been reported that multiple pipe bombs were sent in the mail to various Donald Trump critics this week, with actor De Niro among those targeted. Registered Republican Cesar Sayoc is believed to be behind the bombings and is currently in custody.

The arrest has led to speculation over what some of De Niro’s famous characters would do if they got their hands on Sayoc. While many have suggested that Taxi Driver’s Travis Bickle would be the most intimidating bastard to come up against, others maintain that Jimmy ‘The Gent’ Conway from Goodfellas would be the more effective revenge-seeker.

Internet nobody Martin Hinkley offered this comment:

“It’s a tough one, really – it’s just all I’ve been talking about with my friends for the last few days. The debate has gotten so big I’ve set up a Facebook page specifically for it. I mean, the obvious one is Travis Bickle, sure, but – with Jimmy Conway, I mean, just imagine what kind of revenge you could wreak if you were deep in the mob.”

Hinkley revealed that his own preference would be for the terrifying character Max Cady from 1991 movie Cape Fear:

“Cady would be my personal favourite. A bit of a left-field choice maybe, but anyone who would tie themselves to the underside of your car to follow you is someone you don’t want to fuck with.”

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