Trump Demands Action On Westeros Border Crisis

Donald Trump has today demanded action over what he described as “a horde” of migrants crossing the Westeros border. Speaking in front of the press shortly before he boarded Marine One, President Trump said the situation around the Last Hearth area of the northern border was “a total disgrace”.

Decrying Congress’ lack of effort to combat the crisis, he further spewed: “These White Walkers, just something else, let me tell ya. They’re pouring in from the northern border. They’re bringing death, they’re rapists. And some of them I’m sure are very fine people. But Westeros is full”

The situation around the Northern border of Westeros has been escalating in recent weeks, after several key areas of fencing gave way. The barriers had been under strain for some time, and finally gave out when subjected to repeated arson attacks.

Trump is now demanding that Congress accede to his plans for increased military presence at the border, as well as 97 Trillion dollars in funding for barrier repairs. The President has made clear that if there is no progress on the issue by next week then he’ll fucking do them all good and proper, mate.

Democrats were quick to downplay talks of a crisis at the border, however. Many even asserted that law enforcement were being too heavy-handed with people that are simply fleeing a conflict zone. A leading Democrat, who did not wish to be named, told The Liberator: “These people are just seeking refuge from the eternal night. Westeros should be welcoming them with open arms.”

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