Met Chief Vows To Stop Police Racism “Once and for a bit”

The Met Chief Cresseda Dick has issued a statement today reaffirming the Police’s strong commitment to being half-arsed about institutional racism. There had been pressure on the Police Chief to formally respond, after a Guardian report into the use of stop and search concluded that it was used disproportionately against black people.

The Met seems unable to shake off accusations of racism, despite knowing about it and supposedly doing something about it for like 400 fuckin’ years you know? However Cresseda Dick refuted that position, implying that the Police had done everything possible for as long as convenient in the fight against prejudice. Issuing a written statement, the Met chief said:

“We have been, and continue to be, vigilant about racism within the police force while people are watching. But today I want to reaffirm the commitment that the Met is completely dedicated to expunging racism for as long as the spotlight is on us. “

“I’m also happy to confirm that due to this enhanced media scrutiny, we’re launching a new internal inquiry into racial profiling. The inquiry will have an all-white panel, is set to begin shortly after the start of the next news cycle, and will never conclude. So I want the public to rest assured – as long as Love Island isn’t on, we’ll definitely look like we’re trying to do something about racism.”

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