French Protesters Step Up Violence in Face of Getting Everything They Asked For

French ‘Gilets Jaunes’ protesters are poised to bring another week of rioting to the nation’s capital in response to the government’s complete capitulation. The protests, named for the yellow vests that French drivers are required to keep in their car along with a tire jack, fire extinguisher and serviceable table wine, started in November in response to an increased fuel tax.

The tax, planned by the previous government, is part of a comprehensive effort to spread the cost of killing the planet, with the proceeds going toward buying a new one. Subsequent rioting in several French cities have resulted in at least four deaths, millions of euros in property damage and an estimated two hundred thousand Americans who don’t even have passports swearing to never visit Paris.

The famous shopping street, Les Champs Elysées, has been compared to a war zone, with thousands of people in violent confrontation with stark commercialism, but that has largely come to an end in light of the riots.

This week the government announced a suspension of the fuel tax increase, sparking further unrest. Protesters have sworn to continue the public demonstrations until an unspecified number of windows have been broken, and capitalism is replaced by an egalitarian system of graffiti-based consensus.

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