Brits Quite Like Social Media, Psychologists Warn

A ground-breaking report by a group of British psychologists at the Institute For Novel Ideas has concluded that Facebook, Twitter, and other Social media platforms are “well-liked” by the general population.

After carrying out an online survey of 50,000 people, the independent think tank believes there is compelling evidence that many Brits enjoy interacting with others on social media. The study was conducted following a warning from US data scientists that developers create apps that are not only entertaining but designed to trigger addiction in users.

“Despite the fact that people have written about this issue for many years, we believe we have something novel to say about social media in society,” said Dr Jocelynn Lykeme, who designed the study. “And what we have to say is this – people, parents especially, should be aware that the internet is really great. The odds are that most of you will spend time online today.”

The institute has lofty goals – next year, it plans to uncover the real motives of social media app developers. In 2017, the Institute’s CEO generated no small degree of controversy when she remarked that companies “may be trying to ruthlessly monetize every aspect of their users’ personal lives.”

However, it remains to be seen whether the report will make any appreciable difference to public opinion and policy. Professor Klu Less, sociologist at The University Of Northwestern England, said that the findings could take a while to gain real traction.

“To the best of my knowledge, no one has invented a reliable means of quickly transmitting news and academic reports to a wider audience,” she said yesterday when asked to comment on the news. “One day, perhaps some computer genius will develop such technology.”

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