Bob Mueller just shrugs through entire press conference

A press conference called by Robert Mueller this morning has served to further muddy the waters around his investigations’ conclusions about President Trump. Asked what was meant by certain sections of the report, Mueller smiled cryptically and answered – “I don’t know… what do you think it means?”

Puzzled members of the press then asked if Mr. Mueller would have indicted Donald Trump if he weren’t the President. Mueller proceeded to nod, while saying “No”. When asked if his report amounted to an impeachment referral, Mueller appeared to consider the question for a while before clearing his throat and then asking for the next question.

Finally, the special counsel simply stopped answering anything at all. Increasingly exasperated journalists tried to get Mueller to acknowledge that he had even written the report himself. Mueller’s response was to repeatedly shrug, and then he vanished in a cloud of smoke while cackling.

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