Man awkwardly says hello to receptionist he has ignored for years

A man has made things socially awkward for all concerned this morning when he said hello to the receptionist at his office. Mark Harrington, a 32 year-old software developer from Bristol, had hitherto ignored the receptionist who works on the front desk of his office building, where he has been employed for the past 5 years.

Mr.Harrington spoke of his confusion after it happened, telling nearby colleagues “I’ve just accidentally said hello to that Michelle. I’ve never said hello to her before, I always pretend to have something playing through my headphones in the morning when I walk past her. It’s just gonna feel weird now, like I have to start doing it every time”.

When asked why he had never spoken to his office receptionist before, he replied: “I just sort of didn’t bother saying hello the first few times, then it went past the point where I could do it without embarrassing us both. And that’s how we stayed, in comfortable isolation from each other, until now.”

Asked what he intended to do about the faux pas, he went on: “I don’t know, I’m absolutely gutted. I just didn’t think, I was walking in in the morning in a good mood and this ‘morning’ just sort of slipped out. Who knows where we go from here? Now every time I walk in I will be thinking, ‘should I say something, is it rude not to, should I smile, do I need to get her a gift?’ It’s just a whole mess I wanted to avoid really.”

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