Broken Comb Reunited With Owner After Spending Two Weeks In A BIN

A broken down shitty old comb thrown into a bin almost two weeks ago has today been reunited with its owner. The comb was thrown away by Gemma Thornbury at her home in Kent in July 2018, but was later found by local waste collection worker Mark Sampson. Mr. Sampson describes how he immediately decided to spend time and effort tracking down the owner:

“It was so strange, seeing this shitty old thing with most of the teeth missing. I just immediately thought to myself – who did this belong to? Why did they throw it into their bin? I bet they miss it, and would love to see it again.”

Mr. Sampson decided to try and trace the owner by posting a picture of the comb on Facebook and asking for information. Within 3 seconds the post had gone batshit viral, with over 80 million people sharing it in the hopes of reuniting the rubbish with its erstwhile owner. Within 10 minutes, careless comb-owner Gemma Thornbury had been identified.

Mrs. Thornbury picks up the story of how she came to throw the comb into the bin:

“I don’t understand – it’s just a comb. I threw it away because it was broken. I didn’t bin it by accident, I just needed a new comb. Why do you think I needed to be reunited with it?”

Local Kent councillor Keith Martins said: “The Facebook post has been shared I don’t know how many times, by locals and those elsewhere. It just shows you the power of social media. Today we’ve managed to hunt someone down and give them something they don’t want, just because we all felt like it.”

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