Brits astonished to learn that there is apparently a debate around medicinal cannabis

Confused Brits are this morning grappling with the realisation that the current debate around legalisation of  medicinal cannabis use, rather than recreational, and wondering why the hell that is even a question. In recent days there has been much political wrangling over the issue of cannabis classification in the UK, leading many to question what the actual hell is going on. The Liberators’ society team took to the streets to take the pulse of the nation:

“I just don’t understand, really” said Molly, a 25-year old Nurse from Shrent. “I missed the start of this news cycle with that poor sick little boy, so I’ve been playing catch up and I hear all this back and forth about legalising cannabis, should we do it and what not. And I just assumed they meant the recreational stuff – you know, light up a joint if you want, why not. And I understood why there was a debate when I thought that was the case. But then a friend told me that the debate was  actually around medicinal use, and that just spun me out. I thought it was legal, encouraged even, to give people medicine so they don’t die or live in agony?”

Stephen, 43, from Shrent, told a similar tale of confusion – having had the situation explained to him, he furrowed his brow and remarked: “So… they took this child’s’ medicine away and then he became very ill…. and we’re now debating whether we should keep taking the same medicine away from other children who need it?”

Susan, who is 39 and lives in Shrent, also seemed baffled by the question: “I don’t understand though – it’s an oil legally prescribed by a doctor so a child doesn’t have to have constant fits and live through hell. There’s no way anyone is voting to keep that illegal. You must have your facts wrong. Get out of my face.”

It was perhaps Peter, 67, a retired engineer from Shrent, who put it most succinctly: “If you can’t even get high on medicinal cannabis, then what’s the bloody hoo-haa about?”

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