Still Cold Outside, Met Office Confirms

The Met Office has today issued a statement stating that is definitely ‘still well cold and ming outside’. Social media has been abuzz this week with Brits complaining of the sudden drop in temperature.

Many have have apparently called the Met Office to complain, ask for compensation, or inquire as to how long the cold snap was expected to last. This prompted the release of a full statement from the Met, entitled ‘In case anyone was wondering’. It advises Brits to:

  • Travel only when necessary
  • Sack off going out with your mates in favour of some Netflix
  • Expect the cold weather to last for the duration of winter, like it does every year
  • Stop fucking calling us for God’s sake

The Liberator tried to obtain further comment from the Met Office by sneaking in through the air vents of their London HQ, but security guards came and said that we’d been told before and that we weren’t real reporters and that we just had made up credentials and we should go home.

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