Sarah Rose Summers Aces Ignorance Round Of Miss Universe

Sarah Rose Summers has today been declared the undisputed winner of the ‘Ignorance round’ of Miss Universe 2018. Miss Summers first came to the attention of internet busybodies after she posted a video containing racially insensitive statements about her fellow competitors on Instagram.

Most had assumed that the comments, in which she appeared to mock both a Cambodian and a Vietnamese contestant for their lack of English skills, were merely a poor attempt at humour and levity on the part of Miss Summers. However it has now emerged that the Instagram post was in fact a key part of her strategy to win the competition itself.

A spokesman for the beauty pageant revealed to The Liberator:

“It was all part of what we call the ignorance round. We post a challenge to the contestants to try and gain as much notoriety as possible for saying something shocking in its lack of thought. Ideally, the winning contestant should have gone viral or at least semi-viral for said comment.”

“And it’s safe to say that Miss Summers really freakin’ nailed it. I mean, there was stiff competition – some of our contestants were making pretty strong statements about the Earth being flat. But Sarah is rightly being crowned as the winner of the ignorance challenge for this year.”

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