BBC Question Time Audience Member Turns Out To Be Clueless About Politics

It has been revealed that an audience member on BBC Question Time has absolutely no clue about politics, in what show insiders have called a ‘disturbing’ turn of events. David Hatterly, 53,¬†was roundly criticised for appearing on the panel show despite not having kept himself informed about the topics for debate. He later compounded this error by attempting to speak about one of the points raised.

“It was really awkward” said Juliet Lewis, an audience member who looked particularly uncomfortable when Mr. Hatterly began talking. “First of all, why is he sat there wearing a Union Jack bucket hat with a cocktail umbrella sticking out of it?” she said, referencing Mr. Hatterly’s unusual attire.

“And then you hear him speak, and you’re thinking, ‘hang on, what?’ The question was around NHS spending, and for some reason he’s talking about the (now defunct) English Electric company”, she continued.

“Then he moves on to some incoherent nonsense about grammar schools. And that’s not to even mention what he said at the end”, by which time Mr. Hatterly had stood up and begun jabbing his finger in the direction of the panel members.

“I mean, if you have to ask yourself the question ‘was that racist?’ then the answer is probably yes.”

Show insiders have been perturbed by the unexpected drama during the filming of this latest episode. A source close to the production team told The Liberator:

“The last thing you expect to see on BBC Question Time is some nutcase ranting about things that don’t make sense. People tune in expecting that each audience member is going to be completely on-point, having thoroughly read in and around the topics being debated.”

“We believe this will prove an isolated incident, and that our viewers can continue to watch ordinary people engaging in high quality political debate every Thursday evening.”

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