Office worker running out of ways pretend to be busy

An office worker has today spoken of her difficulty in finding new ways to pretend to be busy. Laura Snetton, 29, has been working in a consultancy role for the past 6 years, but revealed that recently her workload has had a bit of a slowdown:

“It’s been really great just to take my foot off the pedal for the last few weeks. I have no idea how or why it’s happened, but suddenly my in tray just dropped off a cliff. For the first time in I don’t know how long, I’ve been struggling to find things to do.”

However, Laura’s excitement at the extra time on her hands quickly gave way to sheer boredom:

“It was amazing at first. Out of a full working day, I was busy for maybe two hours tops. I was sneaking looks at Facebook, nipping out for cigarette breaks left and right. Sometimes I even took two lunch breaks, one to eat and one to just read my book.”

“But after a few days, I started to struggle. It’s not like I can let on that I’m not busy, because then the party would be over. But that means I have to pretend to be busy, which is harder than it sounds.”

“Sometimes I open old emails and just stare at them for half an hour, spacing out. Doing the coffee run for the team 10-15 times a day is a neat trick too. And going in and out of empty meeting rooms a lot makes it look like you’re on calls with clients.”

“But now, I’m really flagging, and wondering if I should just own up and ask for more work. I mean how many times per day can you realistically go to the toilet and stare at the cubicle wall, just so you can kill 10 minutes? Everyone must think I have IBS or something.”

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