Middle Classes Threaten Revolt If Brexit Disrupts Halloumi Supply

A recent survey of middle class people in Britain has revealed that they are well up for a ‘halloumi riot’ in the event of Brexit disrupting the food supply. Revelations that the government is stockpiling food in case of a no-deal scenario have done nothing to assuage fears that there will be chaos in the streets when Britain leaves the EU.

Middle class people are expected to be particularly hard-hit in the event of a no-deal Brexit, with many foods such as hummus and halloumi thought to be at risk of supply disruption. But today’s findings by polling group Ipsos MORI reveal just how far people will go to protect that supply chain:

“Practically everyone who responded said that physical violence would be justified if the halloumi supply were cut off after Brexit” said Sarah Morten of Ipsos.

“We knew people were concerned, but it shows you just how seriously the middle classes are taking the issue. You’ve got people who are threatening to make the 2011 London riots look like a children’s tea party, all because they can’t get good tapas for their ‘Come Dine With Me’ nights.”

The Liberator reached out to Brexit secretary Dominic Raab for comment on the poll, but was told by the Department For Exiting The European Union that no-one by that name is currently working on anything to do with Brexit.

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