Man Disappointed To Learn That Local Street Party Is Basically For Kids

A man from Bath has spoken of his disappointment after attending a local street party, claiming that there was absolutely nothing to do for adults. Steve Thornton, 32, had reportedly been looking forward to the party for weeks and had been anticipating some kind of mini-festival, only to discover there was in fact no craft beer tent at all:

“It was crap. I went outside, saw that the road was cordened off, so far so good. But then the whole street was just full of screaming kids playing hopscotch. I could tell right away there wasn’t going to be a drum and bass sound system anywhere”.

Mr. Thornton was particularly disappointed at not having a completely free epic party on his doorstep as he is also not going to any festivals this year.

“I have to miss all the festies this sumner due to work, so I thought I would check out some free local events – kind of a festival staycation. But all I found here was a bunch of kids playing games and a home made lemonade stand.”

After making several attempts to ascertain if this was really it, Mr. Thornton was forced to accept the reality of his situation.

“At one point I saw a marquee and thought it might be a beer tent, or that maybe someone was selling some dirty burgers. But it turns out it was just an information point for the local wildlife watching group. I guess it was too much to hope for, but I kept thinking that somehow, some way, Massive Attack would be playing a secret set here.”

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