Man Spends Time With Wife Because He Enjoys Her Company

A man who recently went on a two-week holiday with his wife has admitted that he agreed to the trip because he “likes her,” a confession that looks set to change his life forever.

The man, who asked to remain anonymous, was outed when he described their time together as “really lovely” and “good for our marriage.” After a few pints in his local pub, he told friends that his relationship is based on mutual love and respect.

“I enjoy talking to my wife. We just hang out, do interesting stuff, and we are always having fun,” he told baffled friends and onlookers.

The couple, who have been married five years, are said to frequently elect to undertake mutually fulfilling activities together.

“People have been talking about us for years,” the man told our reporter. “We’ve always denied it. I didn’t want to tell anyone the truth – that I am in a great marriage. Maybe it was cowardice. Who wants to be different?”

However, he feels that opening up about his relationship may have been for the best. “I didn’t mean to come out like this, but it might be a good thing. We won’t have to hide now. Everyone else will just have to like it or lump it.”

Fortunately, friends have been largely supportive of his unconventional lifestyle. “It’s not for me, personally,” one of his best friends told our reporters. “Perhaps it’s the way I was raised. It wasn’t normal in my family. But what can I say? I’m his mate. If he wants to live this way, I’ll have his back.”

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