Revealed: Why Gilead Is The Fastest Growing Holiday Destination For Americans

The Republic Of Gilead has today been revealed as the fastest-growing tourist and emigration hotspot for US citizens. According to research by the US Statistics Office, the trend is primarily due to what some are calling ‘The Trump Effect’.

Somewhat unusually, Gilead seems to be attracting Americans from either side of the political divide, albeit for different reasons. Spokesman for the Statistics Office Jim Paignton told The Liberator:

“What we’re seeing, and it’s really interesting, is two very strong trends in different directions, but both actually end up at the same place.”

“So if you take Democratic voters, they are fleeing to Gilead because they think they will be safer there than with Trump. The Republic Of Gilead is a totalitarian nightmare – a place where women have no rights, minorities are oppressed, and there is no freedom of speech. In other words, it’s a paradise compared to America right now.”

“Whereas the Republicans? That’s a different story. They are actually going over there because they think Trump hasn’t gone far enough. For them, it’s all about a taste of the real deal, to witness firsthand a nation that’s really lived the Republican dream. And so it becomes kind of a fact-finding mission, if you will – what can we learn from these people? How can we oppress better in future?”

“We see no sign of the trend abating, especially among Democrats. With Donald Trump now seemingly able to shoot someone on television and get away with it, there’s not much hope for Democrats right now.”

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