Everyone At G20 Summit Ignoring Each Other, Source Confirms

An inside source at the G20 summit in Argentina has confirmed that no-one present wants to see or talk to anybody else. The gathering of world leaders has come at a time of heightened tensions, with everyone slagging each other off like it’s a bloody soap opera or something. Our source revealed:

Trump won’t meet with Putin because of the whole puppet state and treason thing. Xi Jinping is worried that if he runs into Trump he’ll just flip out and do him in, by virtue of their ongoing trade war. Theresa May wants to avoid just about anyone from the UK or the rest of Europe because of Brexit. And the Saudis will be thankful to get out of there without talking to anyone at all, after the Jamal Khashoggi affair. So it’s safe to say this will be one of the less productive G20 meetings of recent times.”

Asked what world leaders intended to do to pass the time at the summit, our source replied:

“There’ll be a lot of people just playing some PS4. You’d be surprised how many world summits go that way – people just stay in their hotel rooms and catch up on some Red Dead Redemption. It’s a lot easier to complete Red Dead Redemption than it is to figure out a path to a sustainable, prosperous future for the entire planet.”

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