Farage Surprised Nationalist, Anti-Immigrant Party Is Kind Of Racist, Too

Nigel Farage has joined the exodus of former members quitting Ukip over its relationship with anti-Muslim extremist Tommy Robinson, expressing disappointment that the party has crossed the line between “mainly fascist” and “fascist”.

The former leader made the announcement on his LBC radio programme “Bile”, saying that the party he helped found has “become unfocused…(and)… spreading hate indiscriminately, when they should be targeting the EU, immigrants, liberals, liberal sympathisers, the establishment, the counter-establishment, and the poor.”

“The Ukip that I knew and loved had an ideology,” said the 54 year old Russian operative, “and it was doing some real damage. Now it’s just hate for hate’s sake, which is clearly a waste of perfectly good hate.”

Serial fantasist Paul Nuttall and cartoon character David Coburn have also quit Ukip, citing similar concerns over the party’s relationship with Robinson, who has been appointed Special Advisor on Rape Gangs, Gang Rapes, Gangs, and Rape.

Ukip’s party leadership defend the association with Robinson. National Executive Gerard Batten says “I’m sorry to see Nigel and Paul leave the party, but it’s them that have lost focus, with their preoccupation with international trade, national sovereignty, and the economy, at the cost of attention paid to the real issues facing the nation — headscarves and halal butchers.”

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