All Facebook data routinely backed up to Mark Zuckerbergs brain, ex-employee claims

An ex-employee of Facebook has made startling claims that all the sites’ user data is routinely backed up directly into Mark Zuckerbergs brain. Speaking under the condition of anonymity, former Facebook Indiana data centre worker Joseph Hallyhoo told The Liberator:

“No-one at Facebook wants you to know this, but those data centres, the huge server farms – it’s all a mirage. It’s just rooms full of empty racks, kept artificially cool for no reason. The data all goes directly into Mark Zuckerberg.”

Quite how Mr. Zuckerbergs’ mind is able to process the considerable amount of data is unclear – however Mr. Hallyhoo maintains that Zuckerberg is able to access and use the knowledge directly.

“I’ve met him (Zuckerberg) a few times”, said Hallyhoo. “He’s like a walking encyclopedia of humanity, he just knows everything about everyone. He’ll walk up to you and ask you why you didn’t go to your Aunt Cecilia’s 70th birthday party last week, it’s really creepy.”

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