Donald Trump separates ‘Mexican-looking’ bald eagle from its chicks

It has emerged that US President Donald Trump ordered a bald eagle to be separated from its nest, because it was ‘Mexican-looking’.

Following on from the controversial policy of separating migrant children from their families, there now seems to be a growing obsession within the Oval Office for separating any living thing that is Mexican from it’s offspring. However things took an even more bizarre twist when, on a recent tour of the White House grounds, the President pointed out a bald eagles nest and then appeared to become agitated at what he claimed was its ‘Mexican’ appearance.

A former White House staffer, who wished to remain anonymous, told The Liberator: “The President just points up at this thing, and we can’t even see it, but when we do it’s a bald eagles nest. And it makes you proud to be American, you know? That big, beautiful bird. But then he (Donald Trump) beckons to a secret service agent, and starts whispering something to him. Later on I found out that the President had got spooked because he thought the bird looked Mexican. I mean, it’s the bald eagle, it’s the symbol of America. How can it look Mexican? This guy has problems beyond North Korea and Iran, if you know what I mean”.

It is unclear why the President deemed the bird to be Mexican in appearance, but some have speculated it may have been wearing a small sombrero at the time. The President ordered the bird to be captured and separated from its chicks, prompting outcry from both Democrats and Republicans.

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