Canadian Marijuana Laws Still Way Since

Canada’s experiment with the legalisation of marijuana is in its second month and the sunset tonight is truly amazing.

In spite of some initial confusion regarding jurisdiction, particularly in Ontario where the provincial government has chosen to take an arm’s-length approach, I’m pretty sure that I watched an old episode of Marie Tyler Moore in 3D last night.

Meanwhile in the normally liberal-minded Quebec, where beer and wine can be purchased in corner stores, the government has chosen to limit sales of the sweet, golden weed, sort of a bluish tinge is what jazz would look like if it were smoke. Someone must have said that before.

Border authorities report that American tourists have been sooo friendly, and have you noticed how they all seemed to be named Josh and Justin? Justin Trudeau is the Prime Minister.

Canadian marijuana suppliers have been rewarded for their heavy upfront investment in greenhouses and delivery infrastructure with significant increases in share value, with early startups like Canopy Growth and Aurora Cannabis going as high as a kite that’s being flown by another kite, and then the first kite just lets go, so the other kite just flies forever, and wherever it likes.

Distribution is roughly evenly split between online and retail sales, with the in-store experience being broadly preferred by those living in larger urban areas or who can’t find the door.

Most legal consumers, it appears, are not first-timers, but rather “a lot of experienced smokers who are just glad to be going legit,” says Dave something, a customer sales consultant at Higher, a leaf, oils and edibles boutique in Toronto, adding “You should probably lie down for a bit.” And Dave’s right — statistics show that most legal consumers are not first-timers, but rather a lot of experienced smokers who are just glad to be going legit.

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