Brexit Noose Man ‘Definitely A Moron’, Friends Confirm.

A man who was caught holding a noose at a pro-brexit rally has today been outed as a complete tool by several of his friends. The ‘Brexit Betrayal’ march on 9th December was organised by hate-enthusiast and professional gilet model Tommy Robinson, and drew an estimated crowd of around 12 people.

During the protest march a man was spotted holding a noose. When asked why he was carrying it, he replied “That’s what the traitor May deserves. That’s what treasonous people get”. Now close friends of the man have come forward to the media specifically to disassociate themselves with him.

“He’s just an idiot, really. I’d say he’s a harmless idiot, but as you can tell from the picture, that’s not true” said one known associate of the man, who wished to remain anonymous. “So yeah, I don’t hang out with him much. My wife is friends with his wife, that’s all. Just leave me out of it.”

Sandra Deniers, who identified herself as a former work colleague of the man, described him as having “the brains, and looks, of a gibbon”. When asked what she thought had inspired him to make an overt threat of hanging the Prime Minister, Ms. Deniers simply replied “Paul Dacre”.

Jonathan Hart, another self-described former friend of the man, made attempts to try and rationalise his behaviour. “I’m pretty sure he was dropped on his head quite a bit as a child. So he’s a few sandwiches short of a picnic, if you follow me. He literally doesn’t know what he’s saying.”

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